Dining with us it’s a vital part of our experience

Each morning Horizont  Hotel hosts a buffet breakfast and includes a wide selection of entrees. From bacon and eggs to fruit and freshly cooked breads, you’re going to find a comfort food when you eat breakfast at our hotel.

Lunch is available for all these clients who choose to have Full Board services at our hotel. The Main Dining Room’s five-course lunch menu is renowned for its range and excellence, with different menus rotating throughout the season. The five-course meal can include a variety of tastes to suit virtually every discerning palate. If the request for this service exceeds a requirement of more than 30 guests  it’s offered as well as dinner in buffet style.

Pile your plate high with an amazing array of dining delights, all seasonally inspired and prepared fresh at Albanian Star Hotel, in a station-style buffet.

Elements Buffet features a cozy atmosphere and a spectacular array of foods! Chefs are at attention to serve different fresh salads. There’s a pasta and risotto station with a large variety of sauces as well as another dinner station with specialties comprise rib, chicken, beef steaks, fish entrées, and so much more. Traditional Albanian dishes are always part of this buffet. Finally, round off your meal with an array of desserts and seasonal fruits. Each menu includes vegetarian and gluten-free options.

It’s certainly a lavish buffet-style dinner to please all your tastes.