Harmonia Hotels Group is the news and most ambitious hospitality initiative in Albania. It actually includes Albanian Star Hotel****, Horizont Hotel****, Sun Hotel****, Ibiza Hotel*** and Akileda Hotel***, located in the Durres Bay in Albania.This enterepreneurship took its idea by the initiative of the esatablishing partners who are amoung the most active contributors of the tourism development in Albania especially in the last decade.Our desire is to finally create in Alabania  an experience that would promote the true values of our country.Provided personalized services and genuine Albania hospitality is our mission and goal.We  strive every day to improve the quality of what we deliver. From fresh food to crisp linen,from personal touch to each services to clean environment and respect for the surroundings we have included the right procedures to address all issues and ensure maximum guest satisfaction. We would like to invite everyone to taste our sense of community and  serviceability.

Harmonia Hotels Group is a brand of hospitality.